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Plate & Band Sawing

Plate Saw Cutting is a mechanical process that plays a crucial role in the fabrication of large stainless steel plates or sheets. This method utilises a circular saw blade to make precise and efficient cuts, distinguishing itself as a specialized technique for working with thicker materials. This precision is particularly advantageous in heavy duty applications where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

The process involves positioning the stainless steel plate on a stable platform, and the circular saw blade, with its sharp teeth, is carefully guided through the material to achieve the desired cut. The circular motion of the blade ensures a consistent and even cut, contributing to the overall quality of the finished product.

Band Saw Cutting is a highly effective metal cutting technique widely utilised in stainless steel fabrication and various industrial applications. This method stands out for its use of a continuous band-shaped blade, which is equipped with evenly spaced teeth along its length. This design allows for versatile and precise cuts, making it well-suited for a range of stainless steel fabrication requirements.

The continuous band-shaped blade used in Band Saw Cutting is typically mounted on two wheels that rotate in the same plane. As the blade moves in a continuous loop, the evenly spaced teeth make contact with the stainless steel material, producing accurate and controlled cuts. This method is particularly advantageous for achieving straight cuts, curved shapes, or intricate designs in stainless steel sheets or plates.

Our Plate Saw & Band Saw Capabilities

Plate Saw size up to 4,000MM in length and up to 75MM Thick
Our Band Saw Machine has a limit of up to 250MM DIA
Key Benefits of Plate Sawing

Precision in Thick Materials: Plate Saw Cutting excels in handling thick stainless steel plates, providing accurate and clean cuts even in materials with substantial thickness.

Efficiency in Mass Production: The efficiency of Plate Saw Cutting makes it a preferred choice for mass production, allowing for the rapid fabrication of large quantities of stainless steel components.

Minimised Material Waste: The precision of Plate Saw Cutting contributes to minimal material waste, optimising the use of stainless steel and enhancing overall cost-effectiveness.

Key Benefits of Band Sawing

Versatility in Material Handling: Band saws can efficiently handle a variety of stainless steel forms, from solid bars to intricate profiles, offering flexibility in fabrication processes.

Accuracy in Contoured Cuts: Band Saw Cutting excels in producing accurate and contoured cuts, making it suitable for complex designs and intricate patterns in stainless steel.

Cost Effective Solution: The efficiency and speed of Band Saw Cutting contribute to its cost-effectiveness, making it a practical choice for both small scale projects and large-scale production.