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310 (1.4845)

Stainless steel, celebrated for its versatility and durability, holds a significant presence across diverse industries. Among the array of stainless steel grades, 310 stands out as a compelling choice, offering outstanding corrosion resistance, prolonged longevity, and an appealing aesthetic.

Renowned for its distinctive qualities, Grade 310 stainless steel takes center stage in the stainless steel market. As an austenitic chromium-nickel alloy, it is recognised for its resilience and corrosion resistance. Commonly referred to as “25/20” stainless steel, denoting its composition of 25% chromium and 20% nickel, Grade 310 showcases exceptional performance in challenging environments.

Grade 310 provides a robust solution, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance in various applications across industries.

Key Benefits of 310

Unparalleled High-Temperature Performance: 310 stainless steel is specifically engineered to thrive in high-temperature environments, making it a material of choice for applications like furnace parts, heat exchangers, and other industrial heating systems. Its impressive resistance to oxidation and sulfidation sets it apart in extreme heat conditions.

Corrosion Resistance: While renowned for its high-temperature capabilities, 310 stainless steel also exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion. This dual advantage makes it a versatile choice for applications in chemical processing, cryogenic environments, and more.

Strength and Durability: With its robust composition, 310 stainless steel boasts exceptional strength and durability. This makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications where structural integrity is paramount, including in the construction of industrial furnaces and kilns.

Our 310 Stock

Our 310 Stock ranges from 1.5MM to 20MM Thick – Available in Plates & Profiles to your requirements.

All our material is supplied fully certified with EN10204 3.1 or 3.2 certificates as needed. Additional client or third party inspections of material is also available on request with all our material.

We also have our own dedicated quality department that take regular audits of our products and internal processes to ensure that the highest of quality is maintained throughout. To demonstrate this, we are certified to ISO 9001.