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Surface Finishes

Surface finishes in stainless steel are crucial for both visual appeal and functionality. Stainless steel provides a variety of finishes tailored to diverse needs. We at D.S. Willetts, offer 4 different types of surface finishes on our stainless steel products. The surface finishes we offer can be seen below.

Our Different Surface Finishes

Hot Rolled: A hot rolled finish in steel refers to the surface condition of steel products after they have undergone the hot rolling process. Hot rolling is a manufacturing process in which steel is heated above its recrystallisation temperature and then passed through rollers to achieve the desired shape and dimensions. The hot-rolled finish is characterised by a scaly surface and a slightly rounded or irregular profile.

Cold Rolled: A cold-rolled finish in steel refers to the process of taking a hot rolled steel coil or sheet and subjecting it to further processing at room temperature. This process is called cold rolling, and it is typically done after the hot-rolling process. Cold rolling is used to reduce the thickness of the steel and improve its surface finish. The cold-rolled finish is characterised by a smooth and reflective surface with a tighter dimensional tolerance compared to hot rolled steel.

Dull Polished: A dull polished finish refers to a surface finish achieved through mechanical processes that result in a less reflective and smoother appearance compared to a bright or mirror-polished finish. This finish is also sometimes called a satin finish or a brushed finish, depending on the specific process used.In the context of steel, dull polishing is often achieved by abrasive processes that create a uniform and non-reflective surface texture.

Floorplate: A floorplate finish in steel typically refers to a type of steel plate finish that is designed for specific applications where slip resistance is important, such as flooring or walkway surfaces. Floorplate is also known as checker plate, tread plate, or diamond plate, and it is characterised by a raised pattern on its surface.The raised pattern usually consists of diamond-shaped projections or a series of raised lines, providing traction and slip resistance. This design helps to prevent slipping, making floorplate an ideal choice for applications where people or vehicles need to move across the surface.

Hot Rolled

Cold Rolled

Dull Polished


Our products are available with the above surface finishes if needed. Get in contact with us today to find out more about our service finishes.

All our material is supplied fully certified with EN10204 3.1 or 3.2 certificates as needed. Additional client or third party inspections of material is also available on request with all our material.

We also have our own dedicated quality department that take regular audits of our products and internal processes to ensure that the highest of quality is maintained throughout. To demonstrate this, we are certified to ISO 9001.